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This allows you to track down your friends and keep track of them. It controls all the people you have in your friends list and lets you add a small tag beside each friend.

If you are listening to the 'inform' channel (see help inform for further info), the <tag> part will add a message you will see when the person logs in/out of Epitaph, or when you list your friends.

If you use the 'who', 'qwho' or related commands you can use 'friends' as an argument to get the list of your currently online friends.

Syntax Forms

friend_s <friend> 

List the tag for a particular friend.

friend_s [verbose] 

List all your current friends.

friend_s list <string> 

Show all the friends with th indicated tag.

friend_s online 

Show the friends you have online.

friend_s brief 

Show a brief list of your current friends.

friend_s add <friend> 

Add a friend with the tag 'needs no introduction'.

friend_s add <friend> <tag> 

Add a friend with a custom tag.

friend_s remove <friend> 

Remove a friend from your friends list.

friend_s cleanup 

Do an automatic cleanup of your friends list. This will remove all friends that no longer exist.

friend_s clear 

Clear your friends list entirely.


Example one

> friends You do not have any friends.

Example two

> friends add eek You add eek with a tag of: needs no introduction.

Example three

friends add gruper Gruper is Grrrrrreat You add gruper with a tag of: Gruper is Grrrrrreat.

Example four

qwho friends 1 Creator: Eek(L)(F) 0 Players: 0 Players, 1 Total

Example five

> friends Eek: needs no introduction Gruper: Gruper is Grrrrrreat
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