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Group - We're from Delta Force, and we're here to help


The group command is used to set up a squad of players, linking their accomplishments together and offering convenience mechanisms for ease of communication and collaboration. You can see the list of current groups using the 'group list' command, and create one of your own using 'group create'. Within the group, you can chat using 'group say' and 'group emote' and get the status of other members using 'group status'

Syntax Forms

group help <sub-command> 
group settings 
group settings loot split = {all|corpse|off} 
group members 

See who is in your current group.

group request off 

Stop requesting a group.

group request on <description> 

Express your desire for a group.

group leader <member> 

Choose a new group leader.

group kick <member> 

Remove another player from your group.

group say <message> 

Speak on the group channel.

group lose <member> 

Make another player stop assisting you.

group unfollow <member(s)> 

Stop following a group member.

group history 

Check the channel history for the group.

group join <existing member> 

Join a group.

group assist <member> 

Automatically join combat on behalf of a group member.

group assist list 

List who is assisting whom.

group invite <person> 

Invite a player to join your group.

group status 

Check the status of members of your group.

group list friends 

Get a list of groups with your friends in them.

group list [with] <player> 

Get a list of groups with a specific player in them.

group list 

Get a list of all groups.

group emote <message> 

Emote something on your group channel.

group leave 

Leave your current group.

group follow <member(s)> 

Start following a group member.

group report 

State your current condition on the group channel.

group rename <new name> 

Change the name of your group.

group create <name> 

Start a new group with you as leader.

group unassist <member> 

Stop joining combat on behalf of a group member.

group disband 

End your current group.


Example one

> group create Pappa D and the Acid Funk Band [Pappa D and ...] You have joined the group. [Pappa D and ...] You are now the leader of the group.

Example two

> group invite draconius [Pappa D and ...] Draconius has been invited by you.

Example three

> groups > Pappa D And The Acid Funk Band [Drakkos] There is currently one active group, with a total number of one person. There are currently no grouping requests.

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