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Epitaph features a rich and sophisticated help system. Information is available on a wide variety of topics and is accessible in many different ways.

Typing 'help' by itself or 'help concepts' will provide a list of Epitaph concepts. An individual concept can be accessed by typing 'help <concept>'.

Each concept covers a high-level feature of Epitaph and will typically refer to any commands or related concepts for further information. Where commands have underscores in their helpfiles, this indicates possible shoterning. A command that has its syntax listed as 'com_mand' will work with com, comm, comma, comman, and command.

Epitaph features a wide range of commands. Some are available all the time while others may be specific to a location or item. The general commands can be listed using 'help command_list' and the details of a particular command can be viewed using 'help <topic>'.

Occasionally there may be a clash between two help topics. When there is a clash, you will be given an option of which help file you wish to view.

Objects and places can also have their own help. To access this information use 'help here' or 'help <object>'. These pages will provide information about the specific location or object. e.g.: typing 'help here' in a shop will show the help page for shops and provide information on how to use a shop.

The Epitaph help system has a number of advanced features to help you find the right files.

Epitaph has an extensive list of synonyms. e.g.: 'help achievements' will give you the help for the command and also suggest the general concept 'achievement points'. In addition if there is no help file for the subject you request Epitaph uses a spellcheck algorithm to try to identify help files that might be relevant.

Syntax for commands will often show the commands with an underscore in the name, such as 'ques_ts' - that indicates where it's possible to contract a command. For that one, anything after the _ is an optional letter - the command will word for 'ques', 'quest' and 'quests'. Note that the help is being written and maintained by overworked and stressed creators, so errors may slip in, or things may change without being reflected in the help. If you notice something like this, please report the error with the 'bug help <name>' command.

Syntax Forms

help <string> 

Output the indicated helpfile.

help here 

Get the help associated with your current room.

help object <item> 

Get the help associated with a particular object.

help normal command [list] 

Get the list of normal commands on Epitaph.

help known command [list] 

Get the list of known commands on Epitaph.

help games [list] 

Get the list of games help files on Epitaph.

help concept [list] 

Get the list of help concepts on Epitaph.

help npc [list] 

Get the list of NPC help concepts on Epitaph.

help object [list] 

Get the list of object help concepts on Epitaph.

help room [list] 

Get the list of room help concepts on Epitaph.

help rules [list] 

Get the list of rules help on Epitaph.

help [list] 

Get the list of help categories on Epitaph.

help recap 

Get a recap of dynamic help you have been given.

help recap <topic> 

Get a recap of specific help you have been given.

help clear 

Clear yourself of all dynamic help you have received, allowing it to be presented once again.


Example one

> help achievements Epitaph help found multiple matches, please choose one of: a) achievements (/doc/helpdir/achievements) b) achievement points (/doc/concepts/player/achievement_points) Choice:

Example two

> help Help Categories * known command * normal command * games * concept * npc * rules * object * room

Example three

> help concept list Badge_System, accessibility, achievement_points, addiction, administration, advancing, alignment, alpha_testing, badge, clans, combat, command_system, communication, cooldown, cover, crafting, credits, development, economy, elo, enhancements, epitaph, essentials, experience, faction_system, good_ideas, idea_reports, line_editor, maestro_system, memory, mission, mortality, noticeability, npc_level, oracle, parser, pets, player_wipe, playerkilling, popularity, positional_combat, professions, prone, quest, realism, reboot, recruit_a_friend, respectful_development, roleplaying, scavenge, second_wind, skills, social_mode, soul, stance, stats, stealth, taskmaster, tinkering, weather, website and wellbeing_system

Example four

> help wellbeing

Example five

> help shawn Epitaph help found multiple matches, please choose one of: a) mission giver (Object) b) /doc/objects/quest giver (Object)
Copyright Statement

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