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History is used to review the most recent commands you have typed. You can also redo these commands in a number of ways. Each of the commands in the history list has a number next to it.

If you type > history you'll get a list of your last commands. These can be navigated with commands like

> history 150

which will give commands from number 150 onwards. If more commands are needed,

> history 150,190

will give the history between the two numbers.


> .34

will redo command number 34. If you type

> .ki

it will execute the most recent command that is remembered that begins with the letters ki. Also, as a shortcut, the command

> ..

will execute the most recent command. That being the last one you typed.

Using the syntax ^word1^word2 you can do a search and replace on the last command typed replacing every occurrence of word1 with word2.

Syntax Forms


Print your command history.

hi_story <number|number,number> 

Print the command history within a particular range.


Example one

> .109 Forms of syntax available for the command 'history': history history

Example two

> history 120,126 120: rehash help 121: help history 122: rehash help 123: rehash help 124: help history 125: rehash help 126: history

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