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This command can be used to describe an object with a word/words you choose yourself. Items that have had an indicator specified are shown as such by 'locate'. An item's identifier is preserved over logins, but not if the item leaves your inventory at any time.

Note: Leaving your inventory does not include being put into any container, such as a backpack or a scabbard, unless this container is not in your inventory (or leaves it).

Syntax Forms

identify <object> as <some new name> 

Identify the target object with a name you provide.

identify remove [from] <object(s)> 

Remove an identity that you have assigned to an object.

identify <object(s)> 

List the identities you have assigned to the target objects.


Example one

> identify pistol as widowmaker The .69 revolver may now be identified as "widowmaker".

Example two

> hold widowmaker in left hand You hold a .69 revolver in your left hand.

Example three

> sheathe widowmaker in holster You sheathe the .69 revolver in one of the pistol holsters.

Example four

> locate widowmaker The .69 revolver ("widowmaker") is in the pistol holster.

See Also:

keep, nickname, alias
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