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While several commands have tools built in to query other players. the 'info' command acts as an information centre that works on all the various game handlers. This information is also available on the website's player centre.

Syntax Forms

info_centre {details|quests|top tens|achievements|refer|projects|badges|favourite chats} for <player> 

View the indicated category for the indicated player

info_centre <player> 

View the finger info for the indicated player


Example one

> infocentre achievements for draconius Attained Achievements for Draconius Person Of Note, in which Draconius came to the repeated attention of the Maestro. Persistent, in which Draconius showed the ability to hang around like a bad smell. The Road To Hell, in which Draconius found it was spiteful cards, not good intentions, that paved the way.

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