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Inventory is used to look at the things you are carrying. It separates what you are wielding, holding and wearing from your main equipment. Unfortunately as things are clumped like this, and the objects are listed in groups (eg 'four daggers') there may be problems with identifying things as eg 'dagger 2'. Be careful


Example one

> inventory You are burdened (25%) by: Holding : a .69 revolver (left hand) and a pump-action shotgun (right hand). Wearing : a pair of black denim jeans, a pair of black leather cowboy boots, a pair of black leather gloves, a plain black leather jacket and two pistol holsters. (under) : a black silk shirt, a pair of black silk dress socks and a pair of black boxer shorts. Carrying: a simple radio, a sonic screwdriver and a bulletin board [ 50 notes ]. Your wallet contains one five-pound note.
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