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The 'knacks' command permits you to manage your knacks.

Syntax Forms

kna_cks mine 

Show the knacks that you have purchased.

kna_cks points 

Show the breakdown of where your knack points come from.

kna_cks [description] <knack> 

View a description of the specified knack.

kna_cks temporary 

Show the temporary knacks that are affecting you.

kna_cks buy <knack> 

Buy the indicated knack.


Show the tree of knacks.

kna_cks tree 

Show the tree of knacks.


Example one

> knacks description hostile manner Hostile Manner Buy this knack Description This knack increases the threat you generate with DPS by 5% per stack. Stacks 0/5 Point Cost 1000

Example two

> knacks buy camel hump You buy a knack.
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