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Lockout - Exercise some self-restraint


The lockout command allows you to stop yourself logging in to the game for a certain period. You can use this to control your playtime in face of exams, study and other responsibilities. Warning - a lockout is irreversible - once you lock yourself out, you're locked out until the time runs out. No creator will reverse this for you. BE WARNED.

Syntax Forms

lockout <number of> <days|weeks|hours> <reason> 
lockout alts <number of> <days|weeks|hours> <reason> 


Example one

> lockout 1 hours To show an example This will lockout draconius. Enter your password: Your lockout will last 1 hour. It cannot be undone. Are you completely sure you wish to continue? > yes Ok, you are now locked out. Quit when ready.
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