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Look is the command you use to get information on the things in your environment and in your inventory. On its own, it gives you the description of your environment, that is, the location where you are. If you look at an object, you are given the long description for that object. You can even look at an object held or worn by another person! You can also look into locations that are adjacent to your current location, assuming that there are no obstacles such as closed doors in the way, and in some places, like an open square, you can look around to look at many neighbouring locations at once.

Syntax Forms

l_ook [room] 

Look at your current room.

l_ook <direction> 

Look through a particular exit.

l_ook [at] <target> 

Look at the indicated object.

l_ook in <object> 

Look in the indicated object.

l_ook inside <object> 

Look in the indicated object. Alternate syntax.

l_ook around 

Get a brief list of living objects in the room.

l_ook soul 

Look into your soul - this gives you a list of all the soul commands available.

l_ook soul <word> 

Look for soul commands that begin with the indicated text.


Example one

> look You can hear: Nothing. While it was probably never the world's most salubrious location before the crisis, recent events have taken their toll on this shabby, barricaded pub. The windows have been heavily fortified with boards, bricks and corrugated iron. The main door into the pub likewise has heavy-duty barricading, with access permitted via the use of a set of sturdy metal bars. The room itself is dominated by the wooden counter of the bar. Above the counter is what is almost certainly a reproduction winchester rifle. A pool table, looking somewhat out of place in this austere fortified position, stands off in a corner, and a jukebox is silent in the corner. There are four obvious exits: north (clear), south (clear), up (clear) and down (clear). Shawn is sitting on the jukebox and Draconius Wyrmstalker is standing here. A bulletin board [ 12 notes ] is mounted on one wall and an information poster is hanging from a nearby wall.

Example two

> look shotgun This is a pump-action shotgun made of oak and iron. Man, I bet you could blow some mean holes in a zombie with one of these. It is in excellent condition.

Example three

> look soul a The commands available in this soul currently number 340. Those beginning with "a" are: accuse ack admire adore agree apologise applaud award

Example four

> look around Draconius Wyrmstalker and Shawn are here.

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