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Mail - Drop me a line


Mail in the grim darkness of the zombie apocalypse doesn't come from postal workers. It comes from what remains of the internet, accessed via wireless points within various area. You need an internet enabled device, connected to the survivor intranet, to access your mail. As long as you have this in your possession, the 'mail' command will give you access to the in game mailer. There is a skill check required to use the mail command, you'll need a few levels of electrical.manipulate.computers.


h [range] Main menu (showing subjects and stuff). If you give a range the subjects in the range will be displayed. Otherwise as many as fit on your screen. 'h all' will show all subjects, even if that means you get 6 screens at once m <name> ;Mails to the given person(s). r [num] Replies to the message number or the last read message if none given. R [num] As above but sends to the Cc's as well. d [range] Deletes a range of messages. u [range] Undeletes a range of messages. f [num] <name> ;Forwards the message to the person(s) given. F [num] Forwards the message to your E-mail address, if set. Please make sure that this is a valid address! > [range] <folder> ;Copies given message(s) to a folder. It will be created if it didn't exist yet. s [range] <filename> ;Creators only: saves given message(s) to given file. If no full pathname was given it will be saved in the current directory(!). The resulting file is in E-mail format, so it can be read by an E-mail program. i Index of your mail folders. You always have an inbox. c <name> ;Change to given folder (if it exists). l List the currently available mailing lists. l <list> ;List the members of the mailing list <list>. L Toggles showing of full/abbreviated header for messages. The default is abbreviated. q Quit, the mailer will ask if you want to delete/move marked/read messages. It asks if you want to move the read messages from your inbox to the received folder. ? Display this help file. <num> ;Display given message.


Return on a blank line will display the next unread message.

A range is defined as a list of comma seperated numbers or spans. So '1-2' is defined as well as '1,2,3' and 'all' is a special case that means all messages, so 'd all' is a valid command.

It does intelligent matching, so if there are 4 messages and you typed 'd 1-30' it will delete the 4 messages and will not complain.

You can execute all commands by just typing the letter, the mailer will then explain what you have to type.

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