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Memo lets you supply a message to be printed after a while. When the time is up, the message will be printed every 15 seconds, until you enter 'memo stop'. Time offline is counted as well, and should the time run up while offline, the memo will be automatically removed when you log in again.

Syntax Forms

memo add <message> in <DD:HH:MM:SS> 

Add a message to be displayed after the indicated delay.

memo [list] 

List the memos that you have previously set.

memo remove <id> 

Remove the memo with the indicated ID.

memo remove all 

Remove all the memos that have previously been set.

memo stop 

Stops a memo that is being displayed.


Example one

> memo add Go Crazy in 00:5:0 The following will be printed to you in 5 minutes: "Go Crazy" When it fires, it will be printed to you every 15 seconds, until you enter "memo stop".

Example two

> memo list 1] "Go Crazy" in 4 minutes and 23 seconds

Example three

Memo (use "memo stop" to turn off): Go Crazy

Example four

> memo stop You stop the memo.
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