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This will offer an object for sale to another player. The offer will be handled securely, so that the hand over of the object and the money will happen with no loss.

The types of the money will be determined by the price you set, so if you say the price in UK pounds and pence, then the person must pay in pounds and pence. Any change you get back from the transaction will be in pounds and pence as well.

The other player must then accept the transaction for it to successfully go through. You can withdraw the transaction before it is completed if you do not wish to continue to offer the items for sale.

Offer and NPCs

Most NPCs will be uninterested in accepting offers from you, but some will for certain kinds of object. If you find good blackmail material for example, you might be able to offer it to the indicated party, or to someone else.

Syntax Forms

offer <sell object> to <living> for <string> 

Offer the indicated item to the indicated player or NPC for the total sum indicated.

offer <sell object> to <living> for <string> each 

Offer the indicated item to the indicated player or NPC for the sum indicated for each item.


Example one

> offer chalk to draconius for $20 You offer to sell the piece of chalk to Draconius for $20.

See Also:

accept, withdraw
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