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The palette command is used to display an MXP colour spectrum all neatly lined up in a block on your screen. You can then click on a colour to have the MXP value revealed if your client supports it. The default value of 50 is used for luminance if you type the command without specifying a diferent value and the values can range from 0 to 100. The lower the value, the dimmer the colours will appear. It's essentially a colour picked for MXP.

Syntax Forms

pal_ette [50] 

Give the palette for a luminance of 50.

pal_ette <luminance> 

Give the palette for the specified luminance.

pal_ette [50] hue <from> to <to> 

Give the palette for luminance 50 with the the indicated hues.

pal_ette <luminance> hue <from> to <to> 

Give the palette for the indicated luminance for the indicated hues.

See Also:

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