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This command will officially record another character (an alt) as owned by you. You will have to enter the password for your current character, and your alt before the registration will be performed. You can also list your current registered alts.

Once alts are registered, you can use the import command to copy your settings from one to another.

Forgotten passwords, or stolen characters, can be returned to their rightful owner if they are registered as alts of their rightful owner.

Other players cannot see who your alts are if you register them. Naturally, creators can view your alts, if they have a reason to.

Syntax Forms

register [list] 

List your registered alts.

register <alt-name> 

Registed the indicated character as being an alt of yours.


Example one

> register Drakkos's registered alt is Draconius.

Example two

> register karras Enter your password (this character): Enter the password for karras: Registering karras as an alt of draconius. Added Karras as an alt of Draconius.

Example three

> register Drakkos's registered alts are Draconius and Karras.
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