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In the words of the Jargon File (online version 4.3.1):

[...] The simple Caesar-cypher encryption that replaces each English letter with the one 13 places forward or back along the alphabet, so that 'The butler did it!' becomes 'Gur ohgyre qvq vg!' [...] It is used to enclose the text in a sealed wrapper that the reader must choose to open — e.g., for posting things that might offend some readers, or spoilers. A major advantage of rot13 over rot(N) for other N is that it is self-inverse, [...].


Please note that this command should not be used as an excuse to post things that would normally be against the rules, but it can be used for posting things such as spoilers.

Syntax Forms

rot13 <string> 

Apply rot13 to the indicated string.

rot13 edit 

Use rot13 on a piece of text you enter into an editor.


Example one

> rot13 Fliblle dies at the end of the last book! You rot: "Syvoyyr qvrf ng gur raq bs gur ynfg obbx!".

Example two

> rot13 Syvoyyr qvrf ng gur raq bs gur ynfg obbx! You rot: "Fliblle dies at the end of the last book!".

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