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Despite out best efforts, things sometimes go wrong in the game and there may not be a creator online who can help you. The 'ticket' command is used to lodge a help ticket for when a creator is available. Keep in mind that this command should be used when something is directly effecting your character, such as but is not limited to: general problems (i.e replacement of items due to bugs), stuck in a room without exit or locked doors, missing item receipts, and generally 'once-off' issues. This is to prevent more serious issues from being forgotten - please keep any recurring or serious reports to the bug report system.

Syntax Forms

ticket submit 

Submit a help ticket. You will be taken into the editor for the content.

ticket close <number> 

Close a help ticket.

ticket list my tickets 

List all the tickets you have previously submitted.

ticket list open 

List all open tickets. Creator only syntax.

ticket list online 

List all tickets lodged by players who are currently online. Creator only syntax.

ticket close <number> with comment 

Close a given help ticket with a comment. Creator only syntax.

ticket comment <number> 

Add a comment to the indicated ticket. Creator only syntax.

ticket view <number> 

View the ticket associated with the number. Creator only syntax.


Example one

> ticket submit Please enter the details of your ticket: Enter your text. Use ** on a line by itself to exit. 1 ] Aaaaaaaaaaa! 2 ] ** 1 lines - Choose from IDLMCESQ or H for help. s Quitting and saving. Ticket submitted.

Example two

> ticket list my tickets #0 (opened: Thu Feb 11 23:14:36 2010), by Drakkos This is a test ticket Closed: Sat May 15 00:21:20 2010 by Elera #2 (opened: Thu Oct 6 16:04:00 2011), by Drakkos Aaaaaaaaaaa!

Example three

> ticket close 2 Report #2 closed

See Also:

bug, typo, idea
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