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The unalias command allows you to remove an alias. You can either remove a specific alias (using unalias <alias name>), remove all aliases (unalias all) or unalias everything with a fixed pattern.'unalias pattern' removes all aliases whose name starts with a given pattern. The pattern is a regular expression. We will not go into deep details here of how regular expressions work, but as a basic overview, these are the most common special symbols

. matches a single letter
* matches zero or more of the previous symbol
+ matches one or more of the previous symbol
$ matches the end of the string

You can do a lot more things than this with regular expressions (many examples can be found on the web), but they are beyond the scope of this help file.

A note of warning: it is very easy to accidently unalias more than you had intended when playing with unalias pattern. Use with care!

Syntax Forms

un_alias pattern <alias> 

Remove all aliases that match the given pattern.

un_alias <alias> 

Unalias a specific alias.

un_alias all 

Unalias all your aliases. BE VERY CAREFUL.

un_alias category <category> 

Unalias all the aliases within a particular category.


Example one

> unalias pattern test (will remove alias 'test', 'testthingy', 'testworld' and everything else that starts with test

Example two

> unalias pattern test$ (will remove alias 'test', but not 'testest' or 'testworld')

Example three

> unalias pattern t.t (will remove any alias that starts with 'tat', 'tot', 'trt', for example; 'test' will not be matched)

Example four

> unalias pattern t.*t$ (will unalias anything that both begins and ends with 't', with any number of characters (including zero!) in between.

Example five

> unalias pattern a+b (will unalias everything that starts with a number of a's followed by a b, for example an alias aaaaaabc)

See Also:

alias, ealias, qalias
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