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When used with no parameters who gives a short list of who is online.

When used with the 'verbose' parameter it gives the long information about who is online, shows their status, their rank and any other pertinent information.

Optionally you can provide a list of filters in which case only members of the filter you give are listed. Some of these are 'killers', 'creators', 'clan', 'roleplayers' and 'friends'. You can also who by faction allegience for those who have chosen their faction.


Some people will have letters following their name eg. Drakkos (H). The following are a list of the various letters and what they mean:

(C) indicates a creator
(S) indicates a senior creator
(I) indicates an independent creator
(L) indicates a domain lord
(H) indicates an administrator (High lord)
(F) indicates that they are on your friends list

Syntax Forms


Display the list of online people.

who brief 

Display the verbose who list.

who <filter> 

Display the list of online people by filter.


Example one

> who ---------------------------------==========] Epitaph [===========-------------------------------- Draconius(L) Drakkos(H) Eek(LF) Hamlet(C) Ploosk(SF) Turvity(S) -------------------------------> There are six mudders on Epitaph. <-------------------------------

See Also:

whoami, whois, finger
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