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Command Cost

500 Command Points


The ambush command permits you to set up an ambush in a room. While in the ambush state, you can perform any ranged command using the 'from ambush' state, and also have access to the 'ambush <target>' syntax which puts you in melee combat with a head start of a few extra free attacks. Ambushing is skill checked, and targets get an opportunity to notice your attempts and perhaps thwart them.


120 seconds

Syntax Forms

ambush [start] 

Slip into this form of hiding

ambush stop 

Stop attempting to hide in this way.

ambush <object> 

Leap out from ambush onto an unsuspecting victim.


Example one

> ambush Using your natural sneakiness and your wits, you manage to find a suitable hiding place from which to spring at an enemy.

Example two

> ambush draconius You stop attempting to ambush, and slip out of the shadows into plain sight. Draconius Wyrmstalker notices your ambush and reacts in defence!

See Also:

hide, sneak, mug
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