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Bribe - Why don't you give this to the charity of your choice?


The bribe command allows you to mak an offering of an item to an NPC, with the intention of temporarily buying their favour. The strength of the effect is dependent on how expensive the item you give them is - if you're too cheap, then you risk insulting them. Also note that NPCs who have a large investment in the order morality vector are much less likely to take a bribe. In any case, be prepared to lose the item you are offering forever. They're also unlikely to accept a bribe if there are witnesses, but you can 'collude' with NPCs to see if they will kick idling players out of your current room.


600 seconds

Syntax Forms

bribe <target> with <object> 

Attempt to bribe the indicated target with the indicated object.


Example one

> bribe shawn with pickaxe You prepare to make an offering to Shawn. Shawn secretes the pale green steel pickaxe somewhere safe. You finish your attempt to bribe Shawn, unsure of how successful you have been. Shawn says: Yeah, whatever. Maybe I can go out of my way a little for you.

See Also:

charm, intimidate
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