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Command Cost

250 Command Points


The coldcock is a combat command that allows you to attempt to knock an opponent unconscious. Be warned, it is a damaging command and if all you want is a non-lethal takedown, you may find you end up staving their brains in. You need a blunt weapon in order to pull off this attack.


120 seconds

Syntax Forms

coldcock [at] <target> with <weapon> 

Coldcock the indicated target with the indicated weapon

coldcock [at] <target> 

Coldcock the indicated target with an appropriate weapon


Example one

> coldcock ploosk You prepare to coldcock Ploosk. You rap your sledgehammer smartly across Ploosk's head. Ploosk swings at you with his pump-action shotgun but you easily dodge out of the way. Ploosk slips into unconsciousness.
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