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Deathblow - Because 'coup de grace' is an unworkable command name

Requirements To Learn

physical.control.force at 25


Normal combat is designed around the idea that all participants are able to join in. Combat stops when a target is unconscious, so as to ensure that you don't kill the person you just so carefully immobilised. If you want to end their life though, you can do it in style through the deathblow command. No death XP is awarded for doing this, though.


30 seconds

Syntax Forms

deathblow <object> by {smothering|choking|neck breaking} 

Kill an unconscious enemy. You monster.


Example one

> deathblow survivor by choking You hold your hand around the agile woman's neck, squeezing hard as she kicks out. It takes a moment, but eventually she stops moving and is at peace.
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