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Command Cost

250 Command Points


The 'guard' command permits you to express your intention to guard a particular exit from particular groups of people. The default syntax is 'all', which means you attempt to prevent everyone from leaving, but you can specialise this. 'guard east against zombie' for example will cause you to guard that exit from anything that matches 'zombie. 'guard east against drakkos' will attempt to prevent anyone with the name 'drakkos' from passing.

Syntax Forms

guard [status] 

Give the status of your current guarding activities.

guard stop 

Stop guarding all directions.

guard <direction> {from|against} all 

Attempt to guard the indicated exit against all who would pass.

guard <direction> {from|against} <enemy> 

Attempt to guard the indicated exit against a specified type of enemy.


Example one

> guard south against all You start to guard the south exit against all.
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