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Command Cost

500 Command Points


Sometimes you just want a little more out of your equipment than fate has granted you. If you have access to the 'improve' command, you can make an attempt to increase the crafted quality of an item by making use of either raw materials (in the case of simple items) or other items that you jury-rig (in the case of more complicated equipment). The quality of your consumeable item must be of higher quality than that of your target item - you won't improve anything by making use of inferior or merely equal quality tools. The target item must also be in perfect quality before you make the attempt.

Syntax Forms

improve <object> with <object> 


Example one

> improve bronze dagger with bronze bar You attempt to improve the castleforged bronze dagger, but fail so badly the attempt destroys a bar of bronze and the castleforged bronze dagger. > say shit. You say: shit.
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