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Negotiate - Making an Offer They can Certainly Refuse

Command Cost

500 Command Points


The negotiate command allows you to act on behalf of your stronghold to make agreements with the various in-game factions. When you have made a strong enough agreement, some of their skills will become available to your faction trainer, if you have one. They will also occasionally visit your faction shop, if you have one, and buy up your stock. You need to negotiate with the favour granter of a faction - they're the ones empowered to agree to your various terms. Trade agreements may take a little time to filter through the system once agreed.

Syntax Forms

negotiate [with] <living> 


Example one

> negotiate with james You begin to negotiate with James regarding some trading agreements. A trading agreement has been created with Winchester created with strength of 50. Since there are no existing agreements of any consequence, you begin the negotiation from a clean slate. You and James manage to achieve some genuine friendship - ties between Wyrmstalker and Winchester could be stronger, but it's likely you'll both benefit from this arrangement.
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