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Command Cost

250 Command Points


Life is tough in the grim darkness of the zombie apocalypse. The steal command can be used to people, and zombies, whatever earthly possessions they happen to have remaining. Once someone has been stolen from, they are protected from theft for five minutes. If the target is unconscious, then any theft attempts are an automatic success, and you can steal anything from the target. If the target is awake, you can steal things only within containers, or not currently being held or worn.


120 seconds

Syntax Forms

steal <item> from <living> 
steal something from <living> 
steal <item> from <container> in <living> 
steal something from <container> in <living> 


Example one

> steal panties from draconius You manage to relieve your target of the pair of panties.

See Also:

hide, sneak, rifle
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