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The clubs command allows you to delete clubs without having to mess around with the handlers. It also allows you to query which clubs are in the 'grey' area of having dodgy names.

'clubs invalid' by itself will give you a list of all the clubs that have names that may perhaps violate naming policy or perhaps contain one of the standard 'banned words' that players and clubs cannot contain (such as 'black', 'mage', 'pink', etc). If you use the syntax 'clubs invalid verbose', you will get more detailed information on these clubs.

'clubs delete' allows you to delete a club. Please note that there are no spaces in the clubs name, merely underscores, and it is all lowercase. So the club 'The Amazing Maurice' would be named in the handler as 'the_amazing_maurice'. You must also state a reason, which is sent to the founder and members of the club via mail.


> clubs delete the_amazing_maurice This is the name of a book

Syntax Forms

clubs invalid 
clubs invalid <string> 
clubs delete <word> <string> 
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