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The permit command acts as an interface to the file permission system. You can use this command to query the permissions of creators and to permit/revoke access if you have the appropriate access yourself to do so. 'permit summary <creator>' will allow you to query the access rights of a particular creator. 'permit summary' by itself will return all access rights. This is likely to be an exceptionally large list. 'permit tidy' will make an attempt to tidy up access permissions for all creators. This means that creators with write to /d/ and /d/forn will have their write access to /d/forn removed since the access to /d/ supercedes that access. 'permit help' will give some more information on what can be done with the command. The base command 'permit <permission> <euid> <path>' is used to grant or revoke a particular permission to a particular creator. Valid permissions are: Read - Read permission only. The creator can only read the file. Unless FTP restrictions have been lifted, they also cannot download the file. Write- Write permission only. Note, write access does not imply read access. When granted to a directory, creators can write to all files in that directory and create others. When granted to a particular file, the creator can only change and delete that file. Grant - Allows the creator to grant read or write access themselves. Note again that this does not imply read or write access. Noread- Revoke previous read permissions for a creator. Nowrite- Revoke previous write permissions for a creator. Nogrant - Revoke previous grant permissions for a creator.


> permit write dtest /d/forn/
Added write permision for dtest to /d/forn.

Syntax Forms

perm_it summary 
perm_it summary <string> 
perm_it assignment summary 
perm_it assignment summary <filter> 
perm_it tidy 
perm_it help 
perm_it <permission> <euid> <path> 
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