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ptesters r <word> <string>
ptesters {a|s|h|r|?} <word>
ptesters {l|h|?} 


The ptesters command acts as an interface to the playtesters handler.

'ptesters' by itself will give a list of all the playtesters. It will give some information on the past few months as well... the first column is the number of reports made, the second is the number of hours spent online.

'ptesters r' can be used to remove a playtesters. You must specify a reason for doing this, which is logged to /log/PLAYTESTERS

'ptesters a' can be used to promote a player to playtester status.

'ptesters s' promotes a playtester to senior playtesting status.

'ptesters h' queries the command help system for some instructions on using the command.


> ptesters a draktest
Draktest cannot be made a play tester because: level is too low.

Syntax Forms

ptest_ers {l|h|?} 
ptest_ers {a|s|h|r|?} <word> 
ptest_ers r <word> <string> 
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