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Site allows you to siteban a particular IP or range of IPs. There are three levels of restrictions. Level 1 means normal access (any previous bans are lifted), level 2 means no new players can be created from the site, and level 3 means that no-one can log in from the site.

Level 2 is particularly useful in cases where someone is making an nuisiance of themselves by logging in abusive newbies and spamming people / channels.

Sitebans are logged to /log/ACCESS... the reason you give when banning an IP will be saved here also.

The IP address is given in numerical form, such as ''.


site 3 I really want to piss off people with shell access.

Syntax Forms

site ban <address> <level> <reason> 
site allow multi <address> 
site disallow multi <address> 
site list multi 
site list multi <address> 
site access <address> 
site access 
site help 
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