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Doctor - Tell me where it hurts


Some NPCs retain their skills from the apocalypse, and few are as valuable in that regard as the doctors. Doctors can heal your wounds and treat your decrepitudes, but none are willing to do it for free. A doctor is in many ways a bank for your medical supplies - you give them the medicine that you find in the game, and they store that in your patient file. Then, when you need some proper treatment you can find a doctor and get them to use those supplies to heal you - in exchange for cash. Keep your doctors well supplied, for you never know when you're going to need their help.

Syntax Forms

cost treatment for (treatments) [from] <object> 

Inquire into the cost for the doctor to treat the indicated ailment.

request patient file [from] <object> 

Ask the doctor to see your patient file.

request treatment for (treatments) [from] <object> 

Ask the doctor to treat the indicated ailment.

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