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Stronghold Npc - My life for yours


When you have a stronghold, you might find yourself with hirelings available. This is one of them. From time to time, your stronghold will announce that an applicant arrives to your strongold, and you can accept these via the 'stronghold' command. When they appear within your stronghold, this is the set of commands that you have available to you.

Syntax Forms

home <object> [in] <room_name> 

Give this NPC a home - you must have named the room before you can do this, and it can only be a stronghold room.

send <object> on {incredibly easy|extremely easy|very easy|easy|quite easy|averagely difficult|quite hard|hard|very hard|extremely hard|incredibly hard} <mission> [mission] 

Send this hireling on the indicated mission, with the indicated difficulty.

behaviour for {improve|attack|defend|patrol|collect|recapture|follow} to {on|off} for <object> 

Set the behaviour of this NPC for this class of activity.

designate <object> [as] {trainer|shopkeeper|non-trainer|non-shopkeeper} 

Set this hireling as being a trainer or shopkeeper, or reset their status accordingly.

order <object> to <command> 

Issue an order to this hireling. He or she may obey, depending on their loyalty.

rename <object> to <name> 

Change the name of this hireling.

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