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Camera - What Can't Speak Can't Lie


Cameras come in two variaties - digital and analog. Both types allow the user to take photographs of their current room and of objects in the room. Digital cameras however also provide access to more substantial functionality and allow for photographs to be uploaded to computer systems. They are powered devices, and so much be kept fed with batteries.

All Cameras

All cameras can be directed at a room using the 'photograph here' syntax. Likewise, all cameras can be used to photograph objects in the room, such as 'photograph drakkos'. In all cases, the quality of the photograph that is produced depends on how good the camera is and your bonus in the relevant photography skill. Analog cameras are polaroids, and will eject a photograph when it is taken. Digital cameras permit an image to be stored and uploaded to a computer at a later date.

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras store the image on the camera itself. These images can be listed with the 'list photographs on camera' command. They can also be deleted using 'delete photograph <num> from camera' syntax. You can view photographs with 'view photograph <num> on camera', which will cause the photograph to appear in the long description of the camera. Finally, you can upload photographs to a suitable computer device using the upload syntax, such as 'upload photograph 1 from camera to computer with filename holiday snaps'

Syntax Forms

list {photographs|photos} [on] <object> 

List the photographs stored on a digital camera

photograph <object> with <object> 

Take a photograph of the indicated object

delete {photograph|photo} <number> from <object> 

Delete a photogram from a digital camera.

photograph here with <object> 

Take a photograph of the current room.

upload {photograph|photo} <number> from <object> to <object> [with filename] <string> 

Upload a photograph from a digital camera to a suitable computer.

view {photograph|photo} <number> on <object> 

View the indicated photograph on a digital camera.

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