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Computer Game System


Even in the apocaypse you can enjoy a little bit of recreation with a computer game system. Without a game cartridge, they're useless but when you have one you can power it up and play a game. Most games have only a few controls - up, down, left, right and pressing the buttons. Still, you can't complain - we grab what fleeting seconds of joy we can.

Syntax Forms

eject game from <object> 

Eject the current game cartridge.

press <object> button {one|two} 

Press one of the buttons on the console.

move <object> {left|right|up|down} 

Use the game controls to move in a direction on a game.

insert <object> into <object> 

Insert a game cartridge into the console.

reset <object> 

Reset the current game.

Copyright Statement

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