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Practice Object - They make perfect


Practice objects exist all the way through Epitaph - they are simple objects designed to give you a starting point on advancing some of your skills. Each practise object has its own syntax with which you interact with it - each will prompt you as to the commands you must enter in order to gain free skill levels. The form of a practise object is that of a game of 'simon says' - the object will ask you to enter a particular command using a particular keyword, and this must be entered in a specific time frame for the practising to continue. Sometimes the item will ask you to *not* enter a command, and in those cases you should enter nothing until the next round of practising is due. All practise sessions can be started using the 'practise' command, but some practise objects will permit alternate syntax.

Syntax Forms

({practice/practise}) [with] <object> 

Start a practise session with the indicated item.

Copyright Statement

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