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Radio Controlled Vehicle Control


In your travels you may find radio controlled vehicles. These work much like you would expect from the real world - you have a vehicle (which has a radio frequency you can change) and the remote control that lets you drive them.


set channel to 103 on control
 You set the channel to 103 on the remote control.

drive forwards on control The remote control truck zips off towards the north. You push a stick on the remote control (on).

turn sharply right on control The remote control truck makes a turn to the right. You push a stick on the remote control (on).

press button 1 on control The RC truck emits a loud, annoying honking noise, like a tiny horn. You press a button on the remote control (on).

Syntax Forms

press [special] [button] <number> [on] <object> 

Press one of the buttons on the control.

({drive/turn}) {gently left|sharply left|gently right|sharply right|forwards|backwards} [on] <object> 

Turn the vehicle to the indicated direction.

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