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Sniper - The Last Thing You'll Never See


Some weapons permit you to attack at a distance - these are sniper weapons, and the syntax for doing this requires you to first locate a target room, select a target within that room, and then finally deliver your judgement with dreadful accuracy (or not).

Distance Viewing

Sniper weapons all incorporate some method of distance viewing - usually a telescopic scope. You must use this facility to sight your targets - see the helpfile on distance viewing for details on how this is done.

Selecting a Target

Targets are selected using the 'target' syntax - this can be used to select a specific target out of the room your weapon is pointing at (which you can obtain by looking through it in the fashion of all distance viewers).

Boom goes the dynamite

Once you have a target selected, you can 'snipe' at them to attempt to deliver your deadly payload. Sniping honours special ammo chosen, but the limited feedback available through a viewing scope means that you may need to get a little closer if you want to see the outcome of your actions with any kind of clarity.

Syntax Forms

target <string> with <object> 

Select a target in the current room.

snipe [with] <object> 

Attempt to shoot your selected remote target

See Also:

distance viewing
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