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Weapon - We're here to sever you!


Many of the things you encounter as you wander around the Epitaph game world will function as weapons. Epitaph uses a normalised weapon system that provides ease of balancing of weapons.

Weapon Types

First of all, each weapon has a type, and that type determines what kind of attacks of which the weapon is capable. Each weapon has two such attacks. All weapon types do exactly the same raw damage, although the type of damage they do will vary from weapon to weapon. Some do blunt damage, some do sharp, some do pierce, and many provide combinations of the above.

Weapon Damage

When we talk of normalised weapons, this is what we mean - weapons do not define their own individual damage ranges, instead they share damage ranges with every other weapon. Your choice of weapon then becomes partially cosmetic (how you want your character to look), and partly what skills that weapon uses. No-one is disadvantaged for picking a certain kind of weapon just because they thought it looked fun. However, weapons also have a quality associated with them, and that defines just how much damage that particular weapon does. A high quality axe will do as much damage as a high quality sword, but both of those will do more damage than a low quality hammer (to give an example of what is meant). You will find, as you go through the game, better weapons.

Weapon Durability

The material your weapon is made of also has an impact on it - some materials are more durable than others, and materials can require specific skills to manipulate and repair. Likewise, material can impact on the weight and value of the weapons you are using.

How Good Is My Weapon?

If you have access to the 'judge' command, you can use that to get an idea of how good your current weapon is.

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