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Check - Check it out


The check command allows for you to get an easy list of descriptions and chats, including those that are limited to particular times of day or night. You can use this to ensure full coverage of all the details in an object, as well as those that may be non-obvious from an item directly. You should not use this in replacement to diligent manual checking, but can be a useful tool to ensure that you have examined something from every possible perspective.

Syntax Forms

check {chats|long|items|day items|night items|day chats|night chats} 

Check the indicated aspect of your current room.

check chats <object> 

Check the room or item chats loaded on the target object.

check descriptors <object> 

Check the descriptors (name, shorts, plurals, etc) on the indicated object.


Example one

> check chats check chats This room has the following chats, set to occur at the rate of one every 240 to 360 seconds: 1. There is the sound of footsteps from overhead. 2. There is a creaking noise as some of the fortifications settle.

Example two

> check descriptors rat - Name: rat - Short description: black rat - Plural: black rats - Aliases: rat - Adjectives: living and black
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