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Basic Room - The worlds in which you wander


Every room is a place and you're in a place and this is one of them. This is a basic room, but that doesn't mean there's nothing you can do here. Many rooms can be claimed for your own stronghold, and those rooms that are part of your stronghold can often be named and otherwise configured.

Syntax Forms

windowless ({close/draw}) 

Close the curtains in this room.

rip out {wiring|fortifications|plumbing|networking} [here] 

Make an attempt to rip out some enhancements that have been installed in this room.

open curtains 

Open the curtains in this room.

({capture/recapture}) [here] 

Make an attempt to capture this room from another clan.

add stronghold shop [here] 

Set your stronghold shop to be linked off this location, if your stronghold can support one.

({unclaim}) [here] 

Abandon this room if it belongs to your stronghold.

remove stronghold shop [here] 

If you have a stronghold shop set up from this room, you can remove it here.

exits <object> 

Get the exits for the room here.

claim [here] 

Claim this room for your clan.

name [here] as <name> 

Change the name of this stronghold room

Copyright Statement

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