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General Shop - Even in the apocalypse, you gotta spend yo' money


Most factions on Epitaph have a store-room which doubles as a kind of shop whereby they can trade their spare equipment. The amount that a faction will offer for items depends on how much they have in stock, how easily that faction can replenish stocks on their own, and your own standing with the faction.


If you're of the dodgy persuasion, you might be able to siphon the wealth of the store from its owner to your own pockets. Most shops have a safe hidden on the premises and you can attempt to crack it in the normal way. It holds the shop's budget - 'look safe' will reveal it.


Most shops also have a storeroom that you can attempt to burgle - it contains the inventory of the store. You can find the storeroom door with 'look storeroom'. The door will usually be locked, but if you're handy with a lockpick you can get through and help yourself.

Be careful...

Your ability to steal from a shop depends on how good you are and how distracted the shopkeeper is - the shopkeeper is distracted when someone else is taking up his attention, and that's the best time to make an attempt to thieve.

Syntax Forms

inquire [here] 

Inquire as to the priorities and balance of the shop.

list [all] 

No verbose syntax hints available.

donate <object> 

Donate the indicated object to the shop in exchange for rep.

list brief 

List the items on sale, in brief format.

list <object> 

List specific items from the storeroom

browse <object> 

Browse a specific item in the storeroom

value <object> here 

Get the value of an item in your inventory

sell <object> 

Sell the indicated object to the shop.

list List the items on sale, by classification, in verbose format. 

No verbose syntax hints available.

buy <object> 

Buy the indicated object from the storeroom.

Copyright Statement

Epitaph - Epiphany v1.2.13 [release]. Copyright © Imaginary Realities Ltd 2009 -