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Bug Abuse - Just Say No


No game of the complexity of Epitaph is free of defects. We have many defects in the code, from simple typos to more significant bugs. On occasion, these bugs have a beneficial impact on your character. Bug Abuse on Epitaph is not tolerated, and will result in significant penalties for your character.

Beneficial Bugs

Beneficial bugs are those that result in you being able to advance your character disproportionately quickly, or avoid dangers in the game, or accumulate wealth or equipment without putting in a suitable amount of work. If you encounter one of these bugs, you must report them (using the bug command), and refrain from triggering the bugs or discussing them with other players.

Disadvantageous Bugs

Occasionally bugs will be encountered that allow you to negatively impact on other players in a way that is contrary to our game design philosophy. These too are considered abuseable bugs and must be reported.


If you are deemed to have been abusing a game bug for in-game advantage, penalties may include removal of skills, suspension, or deletion of your character. We take the integrity of the game very seriously, and consider bug abuse to be one of the more egregious of game offences.

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