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Community Policing - Play Nicely


Epitaph operates a system of community policing. Within this, members of the community who are of suitable standing can advance a motion to discipline a particular player. The community as a whole votes on these motions, and when it has become quorate, the motion is passed and the punishment enacted. This is done with no creator involvement and there is no creator appeal.


Each motion has a certain level of support before it is quorate. Each motion requires a certain number of voters in favour, and a certain 'score' of voter support. Not every vote counts for the same - the older you are in a community, and the more in game responsibilty you have accumulated the more your vote will matter. A motion must have enough support and enough support of enough people before it will pass. If the motion is not quorate before its time window has passed, the motion will fail.

Community Points

Most motions cost a number of 'community points' to advance. These are a measure of your standing within the community, and are gained by people advancing a 'recognition' motion for you. Community points also determine how much 'weight' your vote has. If you advance a motion, it will cost you the specified number of points. If your motion is unsuccessful, the points will be lost. If you are successful, the points will be refunded. Community points can also be lost via the approbation motion.

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