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Creator Interaction - Interacting with the staff


Creators on Epitaph exist to build the game world - that is all. Creators are not permitted to alter the in game world for player gain.

What Creators Can Do

Creators can engage in the social context of Epitaph. They can chat, talk to players, investigate and deal with malfunctioning code at the behest of players and just generally be cool and awesome people who don't actually have an impact on the game itself beyond fixing problems.

What Creators Can't Do

Creators can't give money to players. They can't give items to players. They can't increase skills, or perform any action that has an in-game advantage for players. They can't use their creator powers to bully or intimidate players, and they can't pass in-game information on to players unless that information can be legitimately considered to be 'public knowledge'. They also cannot play the game as their creator characters, and must do so with a registered alternate character(s).


It is important for good and lasting game balance that your prospects in the game not be linked to being favoured or unfavoured by creators. Creators are here to create and manage your game, not bestow preferment on their friends. Creator integrity is paramount on Epitaph.

The Punishment

Punishments for breaching this rule are almost certainly going to include demotion of the creator, and depending on the nature of the infringement, potentially deletion or rollbacks of all those characters affected.

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