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Privacy - Big Brother Is Watching


On Epitaph, we value your privacy. In general, most creators have few means to invade your privacy, and even fewer times where it is permissible. Lords and High Lords have a wider range of tools available, but usage of these tools is strictly monitored.

What We Don't Do

We do not log says, tells, whispers, emotes, remotes, or any of the social commands.

We do not log the commands you send into the system.

What We Do Do

We routinely log many interactions with game servers for logging and audit-ability. There are too many logs to details (and I have no intention of doing so), but a sample of the logs in which your character name may appear might include: user counts, runtime logs, death logs, logs of attained achievements, logs of attained quests, and so on.

We also maintain logs of 'suspect' activity for the purposes of tracking down exploits and dealing with exploiters. For obvious reasons, I won't detail what these are.

Obviously, we also have to save your current character state on disk, otherwise you'd lose your character every time you logged off. These files are in a secure part of the file system and not accessible to the vast majority of Epitaph creators. Likewise for your mail. Access to these files is not permitted except in cases where they are part of an investigation or in the case of fixing technical issues.

What We Can Do

While we don't routinely invade player privacy, there are certain tools at the disposal of Lords and High Lords that permit investigation of complaints or exploits. We can, and sometimes do, examine your current tell history, your current command queue, your skills... pretty much anything.

The use of all of these things are logged and provide various informs in the game, and usage of these is limited to a 'need only' basis. Sometimes you'll be asked in advance to permit the check, and sometimes you won't. We reserve the right, in the pursuit of making sure the game is working as intended and that people are safe from harassment.

Your Rights

Essentially, you have the right to expect you are not being indiscriminately and unreasonably spied on. If you feel that right is being violated, please send a mail to the admin domain outlining your concerns. We take your privacy seriously, and violating the privacy rules is grounds for suspension and even dismissal.

TLDR Summary

We don't routinely invade your privacy, but we reserve the right to investigate any aspect of your character that is necessary in order to be sure the game is working the way we want it to be. Beyond those investigations needed to ensure that, you should contact admin if you feel that you are being spied upon.

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