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Profanity - Washing your mouth out


Epitaph is a game with a mature, adult focus. As such, our rules on profanity reflect that it is a mature, adult game for mature adults. We hope.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create an open, friendly community where people don't need to worry about occasional lapses of bad language. However, it's not our goal to create an environment where people just swear All The Time for no good reason. This is a text based game, you should be able to articulate yourself without constant profanity. The line here is flexible, and entirely subjective - if you're asked to tone it down by one of the game's lords, then please do so.

Similarly, we have certain channels where profanity is not accepted, because it's not the impression we wish to give to new players to the game. The newbie channel, and the default radio channel (1240) must be kept free of profanity. These are the channels that new players will encounter first, and these channels should be Bastions of Decency.

While we don't care very much about the occasional bit of swearing or adult themes, we do care very much about ensuring people do not feel harrassed or uncomfortable. Regardless of whether you are being profane or not, verbal harassment of anyone is not permitted in any way, shape or form.

What Is Acceptable

If you want to make sure that you're keeping in line with our vision for the game's community, then just think of how often you swear in adult company in real life. The odd swear word, every so often, is absolutely fine - nobody is going to haul you over the coals for that.

What Is Not Acceptable

Constantly fucking swearing about every fucking thing you fucking talk about is not fucking on. Remember, people will judge you on a text game by how you present your thoughts. Try not to abuse the language freedom you are given - the last thing you want is for people to think you're a child who can't handle it.

Causing Offence

Whenever you open up the opportunities for people to use profanity, you open up opportunities to cause offence. As such, while the odd swear word is okay, we do frown on those causing indiscriminate offence. Racial epitaphs in particular are unlikely to find favour, and will almost certainly, unless being used in a mature and meaningful context, fall foul of our harassment policies.

Certain subjects are more likely than others to cause offence to large numbers of people, and so we reserve the right to steer conversations away from such ground, or outright shut them down if necessary. Likewise, if the conversation strays into illegal territory, we also reserve the right to shut the conversations down through any means neccessary. Usually we'll try to do this as part of the discussion, but if that doesn't work we can be more heavy handed. Basically, whenever a member of the game's staff says 'can we talk about something else', then that's when the subject has to change.

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