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Patch Notes: 1.0.01

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Mopping Up

August 17, 2013

Epitaph 1.0 represented a monumental update of Epitaph. This is the patch in which we fixed the issues that occurred.

Bug Fixes

  • Various typos fixed.
  • Various small bugs fixed.
  • 'play now' link on webpage now works correctly once again.
  • Rearranges will now reset on a refresh/playerwipe.
  • Using right click MXP menus on players will now properly refer to that player by name.
  • You can now properly deliver items to NPCs.
  • Shops will now show the cost in a properly symbolised manner, such as $10.
  • The 'good word' favour now works correctly.
  • Dr. Zombardo should consult properly now.
  • Uh - weapons and armour should be working now.
  • It's no longer possible to accept quests that don't exist.
  • You should find you no longer attempt to drink things that have no environment.
  • Cigarettes and the like will now show (lit) rather than (on).


  • Many commands that make you emit a noise will now break you out of stealth.
  • There is now a MR POCKETS LINK available [p] on each object you find if you have MXP. Use the 'options mxp pockets_in_short' option to enable it.
  • Until cooking is reinstated, the chef profession has had its free commands removed.
  • The 'you have learned a new command' line is now in bold.
  • The inventory of shops in 'list' is now bulleted.
  • Shops now have considerably less money to buy your terrible stuff.
  • There is now a Maestro warning about the impact of choosing your profession in the origins dream.
  • Alphabet Street is now a little less bleak from a scavenging perspective - the chances of finding things have doubled.
  • The amount of light in a room now gives you a bonus chance to find things in rooms.
  • Ask is no longer case sensitive for topics.
  • Disengage is now easier to do the fewer opponents you are facing in a room and it has been made a bit faster.
  • The relative likelihood of finding things has been adjusted quite a lot.


  • A new quest has been added to Alphabet Street.

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