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Patch Notes: 1.0.02

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The Morning After The Night Before

August 20, 2013

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes, and some bugs fixed around Braellen.
  • Charm/intimidate will now properly lower training costs and increase max levels.
  • NPCs will no longer wander away while you are arguing with them.
  • Meditate now shows up in the cooldowns list after you use it.
  • The money in shops now goes up as well as down.
  • The schematics command will now replace $tokens$ with something a bit more readable.
  • Phalanx now works correctly.
  • Dreams will now always be appropriate illuminated.
  • Hobbit and DW Trustee dolls will now identify as toys for Ernie.
  • Animals will no longer speak, because they have realised talking animals are just going to end up confined to zoos and comedy clubs when all this blows over.
  • Shops will no longer say 'We can't afford to buy that' and take your stuff anyway.
  • You will no longer salvage things you have set to keep.
  • Liquids and vessels are a lot better now
  • Petrol should work properly
  • Player page on website has had the beta testing text removed, and the tools moved to the top.
  • You can no longer repair a thing with itself


  • 'inquire' in shops will now give an ordered output of demands.
  • The cellar of the church is now a lot less spammy.
  • Shawn will now send you to deliver things to Magister Damien rather than Lt. Col. Ricketts.
  • NPCs will no longer wait so long to spawn in inside rooms.
  • Many fewer NPCs will now 'charge' you on combat initiation.
  • Clothes are now a little more durable and a little less valuable.
  • Zombies will now stop you merrily skipping past them sometimes - the chance is dependant on how many zombies there are.
  • James at the Winchester now offers the 'handout' favour rather than 'payout'.
  • You can now bug/idea/typo maestro through 'bug maestro' and its variants.
  • Zombie and player deaths are now stored and available through 'stats counters'.
  • More distraction items have been added to the game. These items will cause NPCs in the room to become distracted, and if the item is noisy enough they may even attract zombies from afar.
  • Various skill-checks around Braellen have been slightly lowered.
  • The amount of hunger that food gives has been increased somewhat
  • The way light is calculated in outside rooms has been overhauled.
  • Batteries are now available from a wider range of scavenge locations.
  • The cost of Miracle Cure and Escape Artist has been reduced.
  • There is now a grace period after maneouvering in combat where you cannot be re-engaged.
  • Everyone gets a free reset of lives and decrepitudes


  • The quest 'A Free Lunch' has been added to the Winchester.
  • The quest 'Briefed' now has a few more conversation breadcrumbs.
  • The quest 'Swan Baby Swan' has been added to Braellen.

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