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Patch Notes: 1.0.04

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It's A Rich Survivor's World

August 26, 2013


  • When the 'skills' command is used when accessible text is set on, it will display as a plain table with dots and bars.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Fixed some issues with a quest chain in Braellen. The quest chain has also been made more intuitive and less likely to cause harm to your sanity.
  • Web patches now properly sorted
  • Nabila at the observatory will no longer wander away from the shop when she feels like it.
  • It is no longer possible to start an argument with yourself. No it isn't. NO IT ISN'T.
  • The Healthy as a Horse knack has been removed, since we no longer have constitution as a stat here.
  • Stabbing daggers no longer use the sharp skill at all.
  • Different types of objects will now count properly towards the Broken Windows Theory achievement.
  • There are no longer chalkboards for the United Nations at the barracks.
  • The Alphabet Street gardens will now properly reflect daylight.
  • Dogs will now accept food once more.
  • You can no longer wrap immobile objects in wrapping paper.
  • Quitting while in a dream/exploration room will now return you to your origin room.
  • Instant cameras no longer need to be switched on to take photographs.
  • Marking will no longer cause a room to runtime.
  • The bandage command will now properly consume bandages when used.
  • Car tyre pauldrons now protect the shoulder as well as the neck.
  • School zombies now spawn properly.
  • You can no longer buy things when factions tell you that you don't have the needed reputation.
  • Research will now have its cooldown applied when you fail to make any progress.
  • Objects will now persist material adjectives between loading.
  • You will no longer be awarded with negative experience under certain situations.
  • The Osiris R&D Miniature Spy Helicopter schematic should no longer be found out in the wild.


  • Fast zombies will no longer spawn in the north half of the city.
  • The number of enemies that can be hit by a single grenade has been reduced, with the max number now dependant on how good the grenade is.
  • Large groups of zombies will now gradually disapate over time.
  • Phalanx is now a little easier to find, and will be found in more places.
  • The value of clothing has been reduced again.
  • A few more broadcasts have been added to Radio Winchester on 1252 Mhz.
  • You can now look into rooms that are lit even if your room isn't.
  • The doors and safes in faction shops are now alarmed. But then, who isn't alarmed in this grim, dark apocalypse.
  • The rarity of materials is now taken into account when items are generated in the game - you'll find a lot more iron than titanium.
  • There's now a cooldown between how often you can be affected by zombie moans.
  • Mission givers will no longer assign missions to those who are advancement restricted
  • Stamina now regenerates faster
  • Faction locking now extends to shops.
  • The effect of 'scared to live' has been halved.
  • Alarms are no longer salvageable.
  • Broken locks will now magically repair themselves over time, since some people cannot be trusted to keep the apocalypse in good condition. THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!
  • The Dragoons, Caledonians and Winchester have had a little boost to the skills they teach.
  • The impact of alignment on faction skill levels has been adjusted.
  • Heal over time effects that target health will now also target stamina, and healing will alternate between them.
  • A new special zombie type has been added - the Scalder.
  • A new room has been added to the Radio Dunglen building. It's your doorway to a terrible game for terrible people.

New Money

  • To go along with NEW FOOD, we now have NEW MONEY. There will almost certainly be some teething issues with this. All your old money should however convert across to the new system AUTOMATICALLY.
  • Money is no longer a tangible object in the game - it's just an integer stored with your character. You can still get it, drop it, move it between containers and so, but it's not *really* there.
  • There is no longer such a thing as 'making change' for in game money. Your money will always show up as the most concise representation. You will never have 150 pennies, you will always have $1.50.
  • There is a new command, 'pay' to handle transfering money between objects, but the 'give' command should work as usual.
  • There are many reasons why we've done this, but by far the biggest is that money has always been very buggy and difficult to work with, and this system will make it much easier for us to do things with it. Seriously, ask to see the basic shop code for making change some time.

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